Tokyo Summerland
Amusement park

Come feel adventurous atmosphere as you
splash about at the
many Water Activities available

Area introduction

  • Rain is Falling? No Problem! The Attractions of Adventure

    Rain is Falling? No Problem!
    The Attractions of Adventure Dome await you!

    You’ll have no worries about the weather or season!
    Adventure Dome is an indoor pool where you don’t have to worry about the weather.

    Many attractions will tickle the hearts of adventure seekers, including a water slider and a giant shallow pool of 600 liters featuring a splendid drop from its waterfall. There is also an exciting water play area for kids coming to play in the water for the first time.

  • Take an Adventurous Trip! The Charms of Adventure Lagoon await you!

    Take an Adventurous Trip!
    The Charms of Adventure Lagoon await you!

    Feel a sense of freedom in the outdoor pool area, boasting Grand Journey, one of the largest pools in all of Japan, with waterways extending approximately 650 meters! There are also many thrilling waterslides to choose from, including the most popular DEKASLA! Have fun trying out many other tricks and traps in our water adventures! Please come and enjoy an exciting summer to your heart’s content! (Open for Business from July through September)

  • Enjoy Nature at a Theme Park! Feel the Magnetism of Thrill Mountain!

    Enjoy Nature at a Theme Park!
    Feel the Magnetism of Thrill Mountain!

    In the open theme park, an area full of nature, have fun on a lot of thrilling attractions, such as a winding roller coaster, as well as the usual spinning “Coffee Cups” and merry-go-round rides! This theme park is fun for everyone, from kids to grown-ups!


Tokyo Summerland refuses entry to persons with tattoos (including temporary tattoo stickers, body paint, and covered tattoos).
If tattoos are discovered on the premises, the patron will promptly be removed without refund or compensation. We also reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone affiliated with gang activity.

【Prohibited Items】

Glass bottles, cans, knives, and other dangerous items are not allowed on the premises and cannot be stored by our staff.

Please note that patrons who do not obey the facility rules or staff instructions or whose behavior otherwise impedes our operations will promptly be removed without refund or compensation.


  • 雨が降っても大丈夫♪アドベンチャードームの魅力に迫る!

    By Train and Bus

    From Shinjuku Station take Chuo line for Ome or Okutama Station. Get off at Haijima Station (About 40min).

    From Haijima Station transfer to Itsukaichi line for Akigawa Station (3rd stop about 10min).

    From Akigawa Station public transportation is available by bus or taxi. By bus take the bus bound for Tokyo Summerland (About 10min).

Operation Schedule

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  • Amusement
  • Pool


Ticket Price

One-Day Pass ( Admission + pool + all you can ride)

Regular price (3/26~6/28)
(Age 16~60)

Middle school
(Age 13~15)
(Age 7~12)

Preschoolers/Senior Citizens
(Age 2~6 /61 and over)


Attractions ineligible for the One-Day Pass

Note that the Ice cave, Magic house, Haunted house, and other attractions and coin-operated rides specified by Tokyo Summerland are not included in this pass.

  • Outdoor pool, Outdoor water slides : Open from July 1 to September 30.
  • Note that various restrictions apply to each ride. Please check in advance of purchase.

Ticket purchase(チケット購入)

●Tickets will be sold on e-ticket sites and convenience stores starting at midnight 1 week before their date.
・E-ticket Sites: asoview, Pass Me !, Pass Market
・Convenience Stores: 7-Eleven, FamilyMart,

●Limited quantities of tickets are available per day. As such, sale will end when the limit is reached.

●Same-day tickets will not be sold at the park’s ticket booth.

1(One)day parking fee

  • Large vehicle

    3,000 yen

  • standard vehicle

    weekday:1,500 yen
    weekend/holiday/specific dates:2,000 yen


  • ・In case of inspection or bad weather, there may be restrictions on play. Or the park may be closed.

    ・【Re-entry】When leaving the park, please consult with the staff at the entrance. We will issue a re-entry ticket. Please present your re-entry ticket when re-entering the park.

    ・Please smoke at the designated smoking areas in the park.

    ・Apart from guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs, pets are not allowed inside the park.

    ・Bringing food and drink in cans and bottles is prohibited.

    ・It is forbidden to bring in cutlery or dangerous goods.